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WineHills EU s.r.o.


Czech Republic


WineHills is a distributor of premium quality wines from the Czech Republic exporting primarily to Asia. Together with our experts we personally select the top quality wines directly at many different wineries in the whole Czech Republic. We choose only fine wine - Prädikatswein with unique and exceptional character. WineHills takes care of the whole shipping process from the winery to your port of destination. We ensure careful and safe transport to the final destination - our company uses only air transport or reefers. Air transport and reefers are chosen as we want to preserve the same top quality of the wines as it has in the Czech Republic. We provide you necessary documents required by the authorities of your country and ensure a smooth customs declaration in the Czech Republic. We are here to be your true partners, we can help you to create wine lists, shelf sets or displays that will attract your final customers. We understand it is not simple to launch a new product in your portfolio, therefore we provide online services to facilitate it - training of your staff, online tastings etc. In case of interest we can find wines based on your preferences. As mentioned above, we are your partners and we are ready to help you as much as we can. We welcome cooperation with hotels, restaurants, distributors and wine lovers who are looking for undiscovered, exceptional wine. Don´t hesitate to taste the big wines from the heart of Europe!

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