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Vitivinicola Cremaschi Barriga S.A.




Cremaschi Furlotti is oriented to the production of bottled wines for the international market and has therefore established a commitment to our customers of providing products according to the highest quality standards, establishing an integrated management system with international standards and protocols that involve quality, safety and environment.

The winery includes the most modern infrastructure and technology for the elaboration of broths. The cellar productive capacity is 8 million liters in stainless steel. Our vineyards are located in a variety of soils of alluvial and volcanic origin , the Mediterranean climate , with alternating wisdom sunlight with a long dry season , modeling the growth of our vineyards Peñasco. The well marked temperature differences between day and night, clear skies and a great sun exposure contribute to obtain production of excellent grapes.

Family Tradition: "The tradition of the Cremaschi Furlotti Winery starts in Italy with my great-grandfather," says Pablo Cremaschi Furlotti, president of the company. "Later, my grandfather emigrated to Argentina, where he founded Furlotti Vineyard, the fourth winery in the country with over 3,700 hectares of vineyards". Pablo and his father continued the 130 years of winemaking tradition in Loncomilla-Chile, a terroir that provides pure natural fruit, which united to the great winemaking knowledge and experience guarantees extraordinary quality and distinctive style in each wine. The Family tradition and Italian heritage continues today with the fourth generation of the Cremaschi family working the Peñasco Vineyards.

Sustainability: Driven by caring for the environment and commitment to our land is that we use ecological and biodegradable products for growing grapes and winemaking.

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