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Andes Beverages




Andes Beverages, is a Chilean Company based in one of the world’s most prestigious winemaking regions, the Colchagua Valley. We produce and commercialize high-quality drinking products and provide an integral development service for wine and wine-based products. OUR PRODUCTS: Among our wine offer, our clients can choose from a wide range of wine grape varieties and qualities, we supply bulk wine, but we focus on value added bottled products from Entry Level wines up to Super Premium wines, all carefully produced to meet the quality standards sought by Andes Beverages. In addition to our traditional wine offer, we have developed an innovative portfolio of wine-based flavored products, which include Wine Cocktails (12% Alc. Vol) and Wine Coolers (6% Alc. Vol) with Chilean traditional ingredients such as Maqui Berry. OUR SERVICE: Our goal is to add value through a fully customized service, offering our clients what they need and how they want it. We do not estimate our clients’ needs; we ask them directly what they are. This is one of our key differentiating factors; our firm is strongly committed to develop and customize our products according to our clients’ special needs and requirements, helping them to achieve the exact product their market demands. Our Research & Development department is fully dedicated to the study and fulfillment of our clients’ special product needs, from new brand design and building, passing through our ‘Your Own Brand’ model, to new product developments, private labels, blends, packaging formats and basically every element that our customer may need to adjust in order to make his product successful.

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