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WINE COMPANY DRAGIEV / GRANIT WINERY Authentic and Boutique Top Quality Wines from Bulgaria The owners of Wine Company Dragiev – the Dragiev family is renowned for being amongst the oldest and most prestigious wine makers in Bulgaria. Five generations have devoted their energy and creative skills to producing the highest quality of fine and rare wines. Hidden behind the inherent characteristics and the typical style of a is its history, the family passion, the people…..and when you enjoy the wines of Wine Company Dragiev the whole span of this exceptional family history is reflected in their memorable and elegant taste. The wine village of Granit, which is surrounded by the first-class vineyards of the Wine Company Dragiev , is situated in the heart of the Thracian Plain – to the south of the Balkan Mountains. Through its Thracian heritage this vine-growing region rightfully lays a claim to being the birthplace of wine making. The first records of this can be found in two of Homer’s great epic poems ,the “Iliad” and “Odyssey”, where he describes amphorae and wine – skills full of sparking red wine from Thrace. The hilly countryside of the Granit Province produces brilliant Cabernet Sauvignon, superb Merlot and exclusive Mavrud. The vineyards are located on slopes facing the southeast and the south moreover, the hills are exposed to abundant sunshine ,totaling to an annual vegetative temperature 3500 – 4000 degrees Celsius. The rainfall is adequate, with average value of 700 mm/27.6 inches/ per year. Overall, the climate is moderate – continental with a touch of Mediterranean mellowness. The ”Granit” winery was founded in the year of 1970.It was recently renovated and furnished with a most up-to-date equipment that includes lines for receiving and processing of the incoming grapes ,vinificators for the white and red wines, which allow control monitoring of the fermentation process, installation for wine stabilization and vinimatics. The wines mature in barrels made from American and French oak timber. The annual production of wine totals between 1 500 000 – 2 000 000 bottles of which 400 000 are A.O.C. wines. The latter are marketed quite successfully in France, Switzerland, Japan and Russia. The production of A.O.C. wines is subject to extremely strict rules which guarantee the quality of the product and its authentic and specific features. These are meticulously supervised with great respect for tradition by the oenologist and wine-maker Antim Dragiev.

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