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OUR VINEYARDS: Wine quality starts in the vineyard. In pursuit of the utmost quality of grapes, we use methods handed down through the generations. Our vineyards enjoy all the benefits of the sunny Ararat valley of Armenia, producing the highest quality grapes. To showcase the diversity of endemic grapes we are partnering with some of the best growers in the most renowned wine regions of Armenia.This gives us access to a selection of the finest sites available for sourcing premium quality grapes for our Z’art wines. Our viticulture team work with our growers to ensure only the top-quality grapes makes it into every bottle of Z’art wines.

OUR WINEMAKING: Our wines are crafted by extremely talented and experienced winemaker Arman Manukyan, dedicated to exploring the remarkable expressions of Armenian endemic grape varieties. The boutique approach to winemaking lets us personalize connections with the vineyards. By understanding the diversity that contributes to our wines, we go further and find unique connections to uncover in every bottle of Z’art wine.

Z'art wines are tribute to 6000 years of wine-making traditions in Armenia, one of the oldest wine regions in the world. Our aim is to produce high quality wines using grapes from the family owned vineyards, bring excitement and discovery to our consumers. Control of quality on each production steps from the grape to the bottle, passion and aspiration to innovation are driving forces of our business. After the successful launch of our wines and appreciation by local Armenian consumers and tourists we are now aiming to enlarge the distribution geography.

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