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Bodega Luis Segundo Correas




The winery is situated en Mendoza, Medrano in what is called the “Valle de las Acequias”, valley of the water canals. It’s called Valley of the Canals because in the 1800’s there was no possibility of extracting water from 180 mts deep, so the water comes from the snow melt of the Andes using channels. Also, near by there are two of the major rivers, Tunuyan and Mendoza improving the thermal amplitude between day and night which is excellent for the growing of grapes. We define ourselves as a family owned winery because we are three brothers and each one has a roll in the business. We accompany the wine from its birth until it’s gone in our mouths. This allows us to get to know the different soils, vine-stock, climate and age of the vineyards to obtain more elegant and expressive wines, with personality and characteristics unique and distinctive to the family seal. Respecting the artisan philosophy from our ancestors, new technology, new knowledge and modern installations, have been added making the company to grow and have an important presence in the international markets. Our winery is a symbol of elegance in the elaboration of fine wines. We produce our own grapes in 400 hectares of vineyards distributed in 9 states in Medrano and Barrancas de Maipú, all of them with traditional watering systems from the snow melt. We believe that the quality of the wines begins in the vineyards and that good grape makes grate wines. The vineyards, some of which are 85-year old, are under the care of agronomist Julian Correas, who controls the production to ensure the quality. Also with the years and the experience transmitted by generations, designs the pruning to obtain the maximum results and supervises the stripping of the leaves to get the right sun and the strictest sanitary control of each of the vines. With all this, defines which of those clusters, due to its position and quality, will remain waiting for the right time to mature. Taking all of this into account, decides when is the right maturing time for picking the grapes The family possesses 400 Hectares in Medrano, Maipu and Lujan de Cuyo, distributed in 9 estates where the following grapes are grown: Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah and Sangiovese, red wines, and Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Semillon, Tocai Fruilano and Torrontes, white wines. The enologists Julian Correas and Daniel Mayorga are in charge of the elaboration and aging of the wine. They have inherited the art of combining and enhancing the aromas and flavors knowing the different soils, vine-stocks, climate, age of the vineyards, clusters quantities and maturing of the grapes, obtaining wines with expressive and personality giving its distinctive family seal. For the elaboration of the wine and its treatment, the winery has a sate of the art infrastructure to obtain optimum wine quality. All the equipment is stainless steel of French and Italian origins. The winery has 225 barrels of French Oak replaced every 4 years. The red wines are elaborated in steel tanks to later have them complete its maturing in Oak barrels in periods of 6, 8, 12 and 18 months, according to the vine-stock and wine stile. Each year 25% of the barrels are replaced by new ones. The total capacity of the winery is 3.500.000 liters in Oak barrels, steel tanks and concrete pools covered by epoxy glass paint. Luis Segundo, Valle Las Acequias and El Ciprés, are the brands for exports. The export markets are UK, USA, China, Switzerland, Canada, Germany, Japan, Belgium, Denmark, Holland, Brazil and the Caribbean Islands.

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