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Happy Life Enterprises, Inc

Wine Wholesaler

United States


Happy Life Enterprises is for the wholesale and distribution of alcohol, wine and beer to various chains; liquor stores, restaurants, clubs, and festivals. What makes this business special is that it uses internet distribution and uses technology to efficiently distribute alcohol, wine and beer quickly and has the potential to grow and be global. As a business we have short and long term goals. Short term goals consist of a means of obtaining a name for ourselves within our geographical area specifically Maryland and to have a marketing team that can help ensure that this goal is achieved. As times continue we would like to have multiple warehouses that would help widen the geographical area and make it out of state and eventually become an international business which would be a long term goal for this business. These goals are very realistic because we would be starting in a small and local geographical area and have our success there and continue and gradually grow as we learn more about what works and more importantly what does not work. We would have ample time to market and network and have many warehouses and thus the ability to grow to be an international business. While we grow as a business the number of people on the team would grow to meet the needs of the business. As we branch out internationally our products will always be changing in order to keep up with the demands of customers and constant research will have to be done in order to ensure the customers from wherever get what they want

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