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Frederick Wildman & Sons

Wine Wholesaler

United States


FREDERICK S. WILDMAN, SR., occupied a unique position in the history and development of the American fine wine and spirits market. This is a remarkable story of entrepreneurial vision matched with an unrelenting quest for quality, a mission that animates Frederick Wildman and Sons, Ltd. to this day.

When Wildman founded his import company in 1934 he was already one of America’s rare authorities of fine French and European wines and spirits, an experience that was directly attributable to his WW I service in France. For a Danbury, Connecticut-born member of one of the city’s most prominent families (there’s a Wildman Street named after an early settler there), Wildman’s service in France during WW I would prove to be crucial to his transformation into a great wine and spirits connoisseur, a far-sighted importer beginning with Repeal and, ultimately, a highly respected wine and spirits industry leader in both America and Europe.

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