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Andrew Bruce Fine Wines

Wine Wholesaler

United Kingdom


Those who are avid wine drinkers, are always on the search for a quality fine wine. Some of the best fine wines can be found in Marlborough, New Zealand. What exactly sets these wines apart from the many others on the market? It starts with the history of the wine in Marlborough. There has been a history of wine in Marlborough reaching as far back as the 1800s, however, the rest of the world did not take notice of the wine that was being produced in the area until around the 1970s. The use of the fine grapes is the first step in making wine that is considered some of the best in the country. The region uses only those grapes that have reached full maturity. The climate of the area helps tremendously in producing these grapes. The area is located on the east coast so the climate is relatively cool and dry, which allows the grapes to mature slowly, which means that the flavour of the grape is at its best when it becomes time to pick the grapes. The soil of the area also affects the wine since it affects the growth of the grapes. When it does rain, the soil dries quickly so there is no affect on the grapes whatsoever, which means that the Marlborough area is what other places try to strive to be, however, none really come close.

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