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Albert Reichmuth AG

Wine Wholesaler



In 1932 the company "Berger, Bujard, Cotinelli AG" was founded. Albert Reichmuth was her director. He acquired the company in 1960 and continued to operate under his own name. Prior to that, he had been a sales manager at Provins and head of the wine shop Baur au Lac.

"When my father succeeded in taking over the wine company in the mid-sixties, which he had been managing since 1938, I dropped my economics studies at the University of St. Gallen to dedicate myself to wine. My father's suppliers became my teachers. With traditional producers and traders I was allowed to train myself thoroughly about the production and the trade in wine, in the vines, in the cellar, in the office. I traveled all important winegrowing regions of Western Europe. "(Rolf Reichmuth)

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