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We represent different Spanish wineries from a variety of regions in their export endeavors. Our portfolio includes family owned wineries as well as bigger producers, old and modern, as our goal is to provide a varied portfolio. We help them to be more easily available in those places around the world where their wines can be appreciated and enjoyed. Our commitment is to be a reliable partner for those importers and clients that are looking to be served in an efficient and informed manner, with the goal of attending our shared customers as best as we can.

B.Spain Exports is a family owned business that brings together our wine making heritage and the international work experience of the younger generation. The B. represents our family name Bernal, as well as “to be”, in concordance with the origin (and therefore particular characteristics) of our wines, a symbol of our culture. The beginning of the family wine tradition gets lost in time, although there are official documents dated in the 18th Century, that testify some of the permits owned by our  family to make wine in the region of Cartagena, Murcia. More specifically the territory called Piteros, in Guía. The family cellar was not only used for the production of wine, but also to bottle other ones from nearby regions, amongst them Castilla la Mancha and Jumilla. The last original production was made by Fulgencio Bernal at the end of the 20th Century, before the next generation commited to other professions.

B.Spain Exports is dedicated to the export of spanish quality wine worldwide. At present it is representing various cellars of several spanish regions: - Hacienda Albae, wine of the famous Castilla la Mancha region.

Hacienda Albae is certified by its respective Geographical Protected Area Board (D.O. La Mancha) which guarantees that the wines comply with European Union quality standards. -Bodegas D4 is a winery located in El Picazo, in the heart of the Cuenca manchuela. Its wines are produced with Protected Geographical Indication Vinos de la Tierra de Castilla with modern and exclusive designs, characterized by using the latest technologies combined with traditional methods. It is characterized by the elaboration of wines with personality, of modern and exclusive designs. -Bodega del Nero, wine of Madrid region, is one of the oldest in the region. Founded in 1870, it is certified by its respective Geographical Protected Area Board (D.O. Vinos de Madrid) which guarantees that the wines comply with European Union quality standards. -Bodegas Malón de Echaide is located in the Navarra region, between the Moncayo (2,314 m) and the Ebro. The beginnings of Malón de Echaide go back to 1951, and with time the project has grown to the current capacity and facilities: In Cascante, the winery occupies an area of ​​27,000 m2 with a capacity for 12,000,000 liters and 2,000 barrels. And in Los Arcos, the area is 13,000 m2 with a capacity for 2,000,000 liters.

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