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South Africa


I would like to present you a product for your portfolio which has a competitive advantage for a private/OEM label. The product is ‘Honey-Champagne’. We’ve spent years developing our mead-making process that combines the 'traditional' mead methods with our own unique IP system allowing us to make a mead that is fermented completely dry without adding any preservatives. We only use Honey, Water & Yeast. It took more than 5 years to develop. Interestingly we are only one of 3 producers in the world to get the bottle fermented mead process right. Our taste however is second to none. We can infuse this ‘honey-champagne’ with strawberries, hibiscus etc. – making it one of a kind. We call it ‘honey-champagne’ because it is made in the exact same style as champagne/Methode Cap Classique and takes 4-6 months to produce. 100% Organic product with no added preservatives – this is a premium product.

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