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Epicure Store was born from a family business established in 1968 by the hand of his only founder and it is now on its 3rd generation. We started by the normal distribution of food, beverages and groceries. But internal developments and market demand led the company to specialize in the area where it had more experience and knowledge - the marketing and distribution of beverage, including the production of our own wines and client’s own brand wines. Nowadays, with decades of experience, we became one of the oldest independent beverage distributors in Portugal, and we won the trust of customers in Europe and Africa. This wealth of knowledge and our wide experience bring balance, stability, credibility and a great degree of comfort for all our customers. Our business model and a dedicated team allow us to deliver, design, label, pack and distribute a wide range of own branded wines from quality vineyards and wineries of Portugal. The success of Epicure Store is due to our knowledge and experience in viticulture, winemaking, logistics and marketing, along with our unique and personalized relationship that we have developed along these decades with producers of vineyards, wineries, suppliers and customers. Our success is due mainly to our love for wine, so everything we make is made with passion… Epicure Store is our way of sharing our passion, by offering exclusive luxury gifts of our amazing Epicure wines. Why the brand Epicure? Epicure represents a person with an exquisite palate, especially in food and wine. A person devoted to sensuous pleasure and luxurious living. Our wines are a tribute to those persons and to wine itself. Our wines represent some of the best Portugal’s vineyards and are the work of people who contribute everyday with their effort, inspiration and passion on the creation of great wines. We love wine and we love the sensations we are invited to feel from the aroma and taste of grapes transformed into a refined and sensual nectar. Allow us to share this passion with you…

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