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Niigata Shuhan KK

Wine Wholesaler



Our business partners cut across a vast swath of businesses, including manufacturers of alcoholic beverages and foodstuff, GMSs, supermarkets, CVS, department stores, drug stores, independent retailers, liquor stores, online shopping sites, restaurant chains, and bars and restaurants. Wholesalers are the link that brings manufacturers and sellers together. "What sells well?" "How to sell?" "How to pull in customers?". Promoting safety of manufacturing sites, supporting product-development, creating enjoyable retail stores for customers, we will march forward together with clients by deciphering the varied needs of all food-related clients by creating and providing products, logistics, and services. "Providing people with the products they need." This "Retail Support" is the original function of wholesaler

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Category: Non Alcoholic Drinks Supplier
Country: United States

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