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Since the establishment of Taisho in 2000, the Iida Group has been developing diverse businesses centered on liquor foods for 95 years. A closely related self-employed profitable enterprise cooperates with each other, resulting in various ideas and synergy effects, and has earned us a reputation that it has developed into a distinctive corporate group closely related to the Kansai region. I am deeply grateful for this because of the support of many people including our customers. 

  In the drastically changing alcoholic beverage industry, the Iida Group has taken a positive step towards transformation, introduces the latest technology, and at the same time, by striking a balanced operation by accumulating small ingenuity and ingenuity. From now on, I would like to aim for further innovation while firmly appreciating the incompetence of history and tradition, to create a more prosperous life through sake, as a company closely tied to the Kansai region We are.

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