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Honbo Shuzo

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Honbu Brewery has been in existence since the establishment of Meiji 5 (1872) for more than 100 Years, and connects my thoughts from the previous generation and reaches the present. 
From the time of confusion shortly after the era changed to the Meiji era, this bow-monster Kaiemon also inherited the spirit of father Zemon's spirit "community service by fostering industry". 
In the late Meiji period, we started manufacturing shochu using sweet potatoes, which is a special product representing Satsuma. In addition, the forestry projects to be tackled from the beginning of the Showa era are also spreading across Kagoshima, Miyazaki and Kumamoto now, and we strive to contribute to the maintenance of the global environment, consistently maintain a constant attitude, rooted in local love The spirit of our foundation is still inherited.

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