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Etlivin - Etrivan 30 years history begins in 1986. At the time of founding I was importing Italian almonds, pistachios etc. with wine, but since 1990 I specialized in Italian wine. Importers that specialize in Italian wines are rare, and Etrivan was the first to import a lot of fine wines at the transition from ad valor to tax. The 1986 year over 1990 's Castello di is the winery that was imported into the flax, Anselmi, Kantarupo, Cheretto, Il Pojjone, Kazanova di Neri, white-Pachenti, Nada Fio Renzo, trout Troy Anni, Tarenti, Tasca - Dalmerita, Isole Olena, Montevertine, Vie di Romance, etc. Many of these have left the Erivin, but there are not many wineries still living with Erivin in the Japanese market. Especially for Brunello di Montalcino, it is a pioneer recognized by both yourself and others.

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