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Vinoholic Limited

Wine Wholesaler

Hong Kong


Vinoholic represents Hong Kong’s most dynamic portfolio of great value for money wines. Formed by a small team of passionate Vinoholics with many years of experience in marketing, media relation and global logistic. Vinoholic handpicked a small number of like-minded, high-quality wineries that bring a range of authentic and regionally expressive wines from countries around the world to you. With a diverse collection of styles and varietals, there is a Vinoholic wine for everyone and every occasion!

What is Vinoholic? There is a Spanish proverb: "Good wine hurts your wallet, bad wine hurts your belly." But Vinoholic believes that good wine does not necessarily hurt your wallet. The wine that is not expensive to drink is not without, but you have to pick it up slowly and try it slowly. There are so many wines in the world, ask who has the time to pick it. Vinoholic has already helped you select the most authentic wines from all over the world. The wine we choose is for home drinking, not er, you buy it and wait a few years to sell it to make money. We are not a big company, and there is no need to look at the faces of shareholders to chase profits and return. But fine does not mean we have nothing. material. To. Our motto is: I don't even drink alcohol, I can pick it up and sell it. We consider each wine from left to right, choose from left to right, and enter first after comparison. You may not have heard of our wine, but you will love it.

Vinoholic代表香港最物超所值的葡萄酒。 Vinoholics的團隊在營銷,媒體關係和全球物流方面擁有多年經驗,他們精心挑選了來自世界各國的高品質酒莊,為你帶來了的一系列地道和富有地區性的葡萄酒。 多元化的風格和品種和酒款,梗有一款Vinoholic葡萄酒適合你! Vinoholic 係乜? 西班牙有一諺語:「好酒傷荷包,壞酒傷肚皮。」但Vinoholic 相信好酒不一定會傷荷包。抵飲又不貴的酒不是無,但要慢慢揾,慢慢試,世界上這麼多酒,問誰有這個時間去揀。而 Vinoholic就已經幫你篩選來自世界各地最抵最正的葡萄酒。我們揀的酒是為了用家飲,不是呃你買來等幾年賣番出去賺錢。 我們不是大公司,無需要睇股東臉色去追利潤,追回報。但細,不代表我們無。料。到。我們的座右銘是: 自己都唔飲既酒, 點可以拎出嚟賣。每支酒都是我們左諗右諗,左揀右揀,比較完再比較後先入。我哋嘅酒你未必會聽過,但你一定會鐘意。 Michael - 我哋個營運總監,在澳洲做了好幾年葡萄酒出口和營銷生意,看好香港葡萄酒市場,決定隻身回港創業。雖然好多行家都看淡市場前景,但佢決信好酒必定有人欣賞。 Vincent - 由在澳洲寫酒評到國際評酒會 ( 英國 IWSC 和奥地利 AWC)做評審員,再到澳洲酒莊造 Vintage,就係無試過賣酒。膽粗粗地同 Michael 搞 Vinoholic。成日寫酒,依家係時候 walk the talk,向大家推介些抵飲葡萄酒。金句係:酒係愛嚟飲,唔係愛嚟瞻仰嘅。預期買一萬元一支嘅酒,又怕太貴又怕壞,擺係度等升值,到不如買一萬元十幾廿支的酒,高高興興同親朋飲咗佢。飲貴酒嘅人唔一定識欣賞,而識飲的人大多不會買貴酒。

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