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De Wijnkoopers Heeren van Heusden

Wine Wholesaler



During the time when the wine was mainly transported over the water, the wine trade specialized in Burgundy was mainly found in the towns along the Meuse. The Bordeaux wine was supplied at that time via the sea ports. Heusden was both sea and Maashaven at that time. As a result, Dutch wine lovers have been buying their Bordeaux and Burgundy in Heusden for more than four centuries.

Beautiful town

The Wijnkoopers Heeren van Heusden are located in the fortified town of Heusden on the Bergse Maas. The beautifully restored town is about 20 km. south-east of Gorinchem and 15 km. west of 's-Hertogenbosch. Either in the middle of the Netherlands. For more information about the fortified town of Heusden, visit the website of the Heusdens Buro for Tourism 

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