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We prefer to work with smaller domains, bodegas and winemakers who, above all, want to make a good product. Wines directly from a Domaine or Château, varying from accessible house wines, to more complex bio-dynamic, to beautiful quality wines from special wineries that are part of the highest classifications. We sell the passion, passion and knowledge of these winemakers and domaines. 

We only select authentic, well-made wines mainly from traditional wine countries such as France, Italy and Spain. These include wines made from traditional grape varieties of the countries and regions concerned, so that the fruits can realize their full potential. Without having to use a flavor-enhancing, possibly artificial, box of tricks. Wines that guarantee the terroir and history of the region.

Wine is our passion and behind every bottle at Chabrol is a story. A five-euro wine is selected with the same passion and vision as a more expensive wine and that makes Chabrol fun. At Chabrol the door is wide open for every wine lover, so come and taste it!

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