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Claudia Berus and Reinhard Koehler GbR - Best Wishes Bottled

Wine Wholesaler



We, Claudia Berus and Reinhard Koehler, grew up in the wine growing area of Rheinhessen in Germany. It was hard work when we were young and involved in the harvesting process. Now there are machines doing most of the work. Still related to the wine business our idea with Best Wishes Bottled is to make others happy with a bottle of excellent sparkling wine or a fantastic bottle of any wine you select. We are bound to our quality standards with the help of our supplier from the Nahe area in Germany. They produce high level and award winning sparkling wines and to our satisfaction also wines with the support of local wineries. So we would be happy to start a business with someone out there in the US who shares our idea.

Our idea is making loved ones happy. Whether as a birthday present, a souvenir for the next dinner invitation or simply as a small gift for in between - there are numerous opportunities to deliver “Best Wishes”. And what could be nicer than giving away the wishes in the form of an excellent bottle of wine. Because for us, wine is more than just a drink. Give away joy - for every magical occasion!

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