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CCW Co-operative Limited

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CCW Co-operative Limited has a very long history going back to the early 1920's when returned service settlers in the Riverland of South Australia formed the Berri Co-operative Winery & Distillery Ltd. This co-operative was formed to process and market grapes grown by it's members, mainly consisting of Fortified wines such as Ports and Sherries and also Brandy. In 1982 the Berri Co-operative merged with it's counterpart in neighbouring Renmark, the Renmark Growers Co-operative Winery & Distillery Ltd, who marketed the Renmano brand products. The resultant Co-operative was called Consolidated Co-operative Wineries. In 1989 Berri Renmano Ltd was formed and took over the winemaking and marketing role, and CCW Co-operative Ltd became the preferred supplier of grapes to this company. The combining of Berri Renmano and Thomas Hardy in 1992 resulted in the listed company BRL Hardy and the development of brands such as Banrock Station, a brand which uses grapes sourced from CCW. CCW still remains the major supplier of grapes to Accolade Wines Australia, the majority being processed at the Berri Estate winery, the largest winery in Australia with an annual intake capacity of over 200,000 tonnes of grapes.

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