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WorldWide Cellars

Wine Importer

United States


WorldWide Cellars brings you real wines from real wineries around the world. We promise to bring a level of service, professionalism, and industry awareness to match the high quality of our selections. As Direct Importers of some of the great estates of Italy, France and Germany, we have personal relationships with the farmers, the winegrowers who dedicate their lives to this extraordinary craft. As individuals, we love food and wine, and we have real passion and respect for the people and the places that make our livelihood possible. We love what we do; we cannot imagine doing anything else.

What makes us different? We choose wines we love, from wineries who share our commitment to quality and authenticity. We spend many weeks every year in Europe, and we bring you selections we've discovered along the wine-route in the Old World. Our time is spent researching indigenous wineries, deepening our friendships with our growers, deeply understanding their methods, absorbing the local culture. Our wineries tend to be small, grower-oriented, family farmers, often from many generations of winegrowing. We love the incredible variety of grape varietals we find in off-the-beaten-track European appellations, and we go to great lengths to find them. The local palette of native grape varietals provides wines of balance and integrity, that have something interesting to say about their provenance.

We have a fantastic team of unbelievably smart and strong people in all critical business functions – selection, logistics, sales, fulfillment, back of the house. We believe the journey is as important as the destination – if we are not having fun, it is not worth doing.

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