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Originating from the oldest vineyards in France, the wines of Villa Riviera had never been exported before, as they were reserved for the family of the wine maker and the locals. Located along the magnificent coast of the French Riviera, precisely between famously known Cannes and Saint-Tropez, the vines of Villa Riviera benefit from an ideal climate of three hundred days of sunshine, a delicate and delightful maritime wind that fortifies the grapes and a vallone landscape. The roots of the vines are deeply embedded on this fertile soil and produce grapes with unique flavors and aromas that allow Villa Riviera wine maker to assemble some of the finest rosés wines of Provence. These lands are the real lands of rosé. They have centuries of history and are the one that were selected by the Greeks and the romans 2600 years BC due to their superior quality. Focusing on craftsmanship and quality over quantity, Villa Riviera brings back to life the finest rosés wines of the French Riviera. We currently have distribution in FL and have been approached by major retailers who are interested in the product. We need distributors to help us take it to the next level and deliver to key retailers.

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