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Luna Malbec Wine LLC

Wine Importer

United States


We want to present our excellent wines in a fun and non intimidating way. Most consumers are not oenophiles and want to experience wines from all over the world without the embarrassment of their inexperience. We get that. And although our wines can compete in quality on the highest levels, we are all about inclusion.

Our vineyards in Mendoza are situated approximately 33S latitude, the perfect terroir for Malbec.

Whatever the magic combination of sun, temperature, water, soil and spirit, malbec flourishes better in Argentina that anywhere in the world. We double dog dare you to do a side by side tasting of Cohors, Chilean or one of the new USA offerings.

At Luna we want to do our small part in making things positive and better for our world. Sustainable farming practices, treating workers fairly and equally with respect and appreciation, producing wine responsibly that can bring a smile to someones face and to hopefully leaving the world a better place when we pass on.

Argentina grows all the typical wine varietals we’ve come to enjoy. But we grow and bottle only 100% Argentine malbec grapes to make our wines. We offer three types: Malbec Classico, Reserve Malbec aged in French oak barrels and then the most unusual and unique, the 100% Malbec Sparkling Brut Rose. We are dedicated to producing wines that reflect the true spirit of Argentina, a land steeped in Spanish and Italian wine making traditions with a New World flair.

Founded in 2010, we have 13 acres of high quality malbec grapes whose root stock is from the fabled Barrancas Pascual Toso vines. We hand harvest annually approximately 70,000kg of grapes, yielding some 50,000 750ml bottles. We use one of our neighbors wine processing facilities to elaborate our wine, and from this we reserve annually some 3,000ltrs in French oak barrels for 6-12 months for our Reserve style wine.

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