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Deadstick Holdings LLC

Wine Importer

United States


We import Chenin Blanc, Rosé and Merlot canned wines. Our company is based out of Seattle, WA. Looking for distributors of our products in the other states. We have our own wine maker and canning facility.

Fruit of the Vine never tasted any better than that which hails from South Africa! Sadly though the US consumer market seems oblivious to the value that South African wines have to offer. South Africa is one of the oldest and most respected wine producing countries in the world with a history that dates back to the 1680's. Some of the world's oldest wineries are to be found in South Africa. These wines are known for its superb quality and easy drinking characteristics. The favourable exchange rate makes these wines even more attractive from a pricing perspective. However, most of these wine producers find the highly regulated alcoholic beverage import and distribution industry in the States extremely complex and needs a partner that talks their language to help them navigate this highly lucrative market. That is why you need a partner with a clear understanding of the value that's locked up in South African wines, knows how the pricing structure through the different tiers fit together, and knows the differences between the South African pallet and the US pallet so you can present your offering to the US market with confidence.

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