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Lanchester Wines

Wine Importer

United Kingdom


Lanchester Wines has been supplying the highest quality wines and spirits nationwide since 1980. We’re an independent, family-owned wine business which allows us to be both flexible and fast-moving. Established 37 years ago, we’ve never lost focus on what’s important and that’s consistently over-delivering on quality and service. Our portfolio is relevant and credible with over 3,000 SKUs providing our customers with wines and spirits to meet every requirement, from some of the finest wines in the world through to award-winning house wines. Lanchester Wines is powered almost completely by renewable wind and solar energy. This also offsets our transport fleets’ carbon footprint with any excess power feeding into the National Grid making us the greenest liquor company in the world and also the only Carbon Minus one. Lanchester Wines is part of the Lanchester group of companies which comprises five businesses spanning different areas of expertise within the UK wine sector and its supporting industries: Lanchester Wines, Greencroft Bottling, Lanchester Gifts, Lanchester Energy and Lanchester Properties. Each business within the Lanchester portfolio compliments the other businesses providing a unique full service for customers.

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