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VinElite was founded in 2005 and is located in Lenzburg, a small regional town just 30 km from Zurich, 60 km from Basel and some 80 km from Berne. The high-profile company is young but already a very successful newcomer guided by Marziale Nestico a very experienced professional. His international and national network, reputation and know how has been built on multifunctional experiences during his 30 years activity in the business. He’s very communicative, well known and a high regarded person in the market. He worked successfully during 28 years in a leading position for one of the country’s biggest importing company offering a huge international wine portfolio, before taking over VinElite in 2009. The company’s strategy is based on an open-minded, long-term relationships based on mutual trust with customers as well as producers. The keys of the strategy is high-profile products provided by quality-oriented producers and direct communication built on personal relationships. VinElite works on an exclusive base and defines qualified local or regional distributors who take care of the on-trade, specialized off-trade as well as private consumers in their area. We do take directly care of interregional or national key accounts. We know very well the market and the needs of our customers. Other key factors are defining a common and general pricing-strategy, co-ordinating promotions/activities and supporting all kind of customer’s and producer’s events. Therefore, we act as agent, market manager as well as importer/distributor and last but not least we do cover the function of brand ambassador. Thanks to VinElite’s focused as well as innovative strategy nation-wide distribution is effective and efficient. A central-located warehouse provides a very dynamic, high-quality logistics at really low-costs. Within 24 hours customers may be served in the whole country. Customers can either import directly from the producer or buy from the warehouse depending on volume and time. VinElite doesn’t work with low-profile supermarkets, discount and/or hard-discount chains. An impressive customer portfolio, great know-how, a professional marketing approach and a well-trained and highly motivated team are the key factors for our success. Not only do we sell high-quality wines and spirits, but also develop customized products for producers and/or customers. The actual focus is on wines and spirits from Italy and Spain as well as prestigious rarities. In the near future we plan to extend our portfolio. VinElite’s turn-over has rocked within the last 4 years from CHF 0.2 million in 2008 to CHF 6.5 million in 2012 confirming the company as one of the more innovative, dynamic and fast growing in the quality as well as high-end wine market.

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