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Some people refer to wines from the old world. Others discuss wines in terms of the new world. But not us. We're talking about Real World Wines. These are wines that are neither from the past nor the future. They're right here. Right now. Created to fit into our world as it really is today, these wines are ready to be drunk and enjoyed just as they are. Or, as you see fit. They are what they are. Nothing more. Nothing less. These are Real World Wines. We've poured a great deal of knowledge, science, experience, energy and especially love, into the wines we're able to present to you. Our measuring stick for success is Swedish consumers. They are extremely picky and know what they want. We're grateful to have the opportunity to work with such a demanding crowd. It means that we must constantly strive to do our utmost and actively work to develop better and better products. We're never completely satisfied until you are. It's with great pride that we present our Real World Wines. Enjoy!

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