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Favourite International (Exports) Ltd

Wine Importer

Sri Lanka


Favourite International specialises in the importation and distribution of refined alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages from around the globe and has an unrivalled reputation for quality and superior service. Our products vary from Hard liquor to a wide range of liqueurs, soft drinks, beers, cider, cigars and wine Beer • Singha Lager Can - Thailand • Singha Lager Bottle - Thailand • Bitburger Premium Beer (Bottle) - Germany • Bitburger Non Alcohol Malt Beverage (Bottle) - Germany • Benediktiner Weissbier (Bottle) - Germany Cider • Savanna Dry (South African) Gin • Perigan's London Dry Vodka • Iganoff Premium Tequila • Tres Sombreros Silver Rum • Levland Coconut Rum Cognac • Godet V.S Deluxe • Godet Special V.S.O.P • Godet X.O Terre Brandy • Jules Domet Napoleon V.S.O.P Liqueurs • Amarula Cream • Royal Conti Amaretto • Casal D'Emilia Limoncello • BV LAND Triple Sec • BV LAND Cherry Brandy • BV LAND Blue Curacao • BV LAND Crème de Bananas • BV LAND Crème de Cassis • BV LAND Crème de Cacao • BV LAND Crème de Menthe • BV LAND Peach • BV LAND Melon Syrup -Grenadine Syrup - Non Alcoholic -BV LAND Syrup Strawberry -BV LAND Syrup Lemon -BV LAND Syrup Chocolate -BV LAND Syrup Vanilla -BV LAND Syrup Coconut -BV LAND Syrup Caramel -BV LAND Syrup Sugarcane Schnapps • Bevland Peach Sambuca • Vinci Grappa • Nardelli Wines Non Alcoholic Soft Drinks: -Chamdor- Sparkling -Bickfords Soda, Tonic, Ginger Ale, Biter Lemon, Lime and Lemon Bitters -San Pellegrino Sparkling water, Limonata, Aranciata, Aranciata Rosso -Aqua Panna mineral water -Illy coffee -Evian Mineral Water Others: -Cigars JCortes - Illy coffee Machines -Plumm wine Glasses - Soda stream machines

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