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Our view on wine business

Excellent wine is a work with a signature that holds the message of the maker."Delivering selected wines to customers under good conditions and enjoying with consumers -" This is the wish of the maker, it is also the mission of Racine.

Work called wine

It has been 15 years since I was involved in stocking wine. 
In the meantime, I have visited a lot of French, Italian, Slovenian, Spanish, Austrian and other local creators. 
We admitted each other and continued to buy wine for a long time a trusting relationship was born.

The work of wine is essentially supported by a humanistic connection. 
While making their temperament and meaningful suggestions as the thread of guidance, I was blessed to have met various wines.

In this way, Racine Co., Ltd., our small work place, was born in April 2003.

About company name Racine

RACINES means "root, root" in French. 
Excellent wine is born from the grapevine tree and its fruit deeply rooted in the field under the careful cultivation of the maker. 
In other words, the invisible <roots> support the essence of wine through the earth and the vine tree / fruit. 
Since importers are one of the mediators between producers and consumers, we 
must also be root (Racine)

- Thinking that, I made Racine the company name.

Inside of one bottle, life and drama that came to not only various unique flavors and terroir but also the philosophy of the maker himself should be alive.

Our view of wine

We went through a lot of excellent wines, and repeatedly tried and unknown experience and wine perspectives have been completed. 
However, the 
basic belief that the wine, which is a work of the creator, must be delivered to customers and consumers along with the messages put there, has not changed since the beginning.

Besides that, "I want the inner voice to be transmitted long, there is a depth," 
"There must be a trick of sophistication and crisp that individuality is uniquely complicated but not expressing assertions or techniques skills 
" I want to taste a sense of fulfillment with elegance and balance rather than a strong taste that I did. "

We recognize that it is our duty to select wines that possess such qualities as possibilities and have true ability and personality.

Racine's mission

Based on such philosophy and belief, we are constantly moving forward without falling into self-satisfaction, fulfilling our responsibilities to producers 
and thinking that we would like to respond to the support and expectations of our customers and consumers.

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