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Cordon Vert

Wine Importer



Cordon Veil is a special import trading company based on wine as a core product, through joint investment of AEON, the leading retailer representing Japan and Tamaya, the top retailer of alcohol sales. 
As you know, Aeon responds promptly and accurately to changes in the external environment and customer needs, constantly innovating, constantly and constantly innovating under the unchanging philosophy of "customer first" We have managed to achieve long-term corporate growth as our management vision. Today, it is one of the leading retailers in Asia that does not stay in Japan. 
Kamaya is based on the management philosophy of "Contributing to society by practicing rationalization of distribution and sale, enriching consumer living" and by focusing on retail sales of luxury goods, mainly alcoholic beverages, to customers Has been developed. It is a pioneer retailer in Japan for selling wine and other alcoholic beverages.

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