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As the consumption of market escalates, the influence of international big names is growing. The awareness of quality consumption awakens coincides with the original intention of Fengde wine industry. Since its establishment in 2007, Fengde Wines has been professionally optimistic, firmly believes in the brand's appeal, adheres to the influence of quality, and is based on brand credibility. It is committed to selecting the world's first-line wines and presenting the world's leading international wines. The leading company in the market.

Just this year, Fengde Wine (Shenzhen) Branch came into being, based on Pengcheng, looking forward to the booming wine market in South China. This is a solid and powerful step, which is rich in the blue picture of Fengde. One stroke.

As we all know, Fengde Wine Industry adheres to the development route of cooperation with international first-line brands. At present, the company has been with the Cono Sur of the Chilean Dry Dew Group, the McWilliam's of the “ Haled Double Red Five-Star Winery” and the core of the Argentine Penafu Group. The internationally renowned wine brands such as the brand Trapiche and the flagship brand of the South African wine giant Diest Group, Fleur du Cap, have reached a strategic cooperation to exclusively represent the domestic market operations of the above brands.

Today, Fengde Wines has more than 100 brand stores and more than 300 distributors across the country. At the same time, Fengde wine industry has settled in Tmall, Taobao and Jiuxian, respectively, opening up the market pattern of online and offline sales. 

As the flag of China's imported wine brand era, Fengde will extend its development from a single market promotion to a matrix of integrated marketing, from fueling domestic and international sports events to advocating with sports stars, from domestic blind competitions to social diversification events. From the trend of domestic exhibitions to the international mature strategic platform, from high-end tasting to WSET authorized training institutions, Fengde will inject more fresh power into the imported wine brands, filling the market and social groups of wine blind spots.

Its brand, Kono Susan, Tour de France, signed the official wine for the 2014-2017 Tour de France; in 2016, Konosu invited Chinese women's bicycle athlete Gong Jinjie as the brand spokesperson, in the Rio Olympic Games, Ke Nuosu spokesperson Gong Jinjie broke the record of the history of China's bicycle race and won the first gold. She and Konosu lit up the fire of the stars and wrote brilliantly in their respective "race fields". In 2017, Konosu and a number of cycling events were held, including the 8th Poyang Lake Cycling Tournament, Country Garden Cup 2017, the 12th Hainan Island International Road Cycling Tournament, 2017 Xiamen International Cycling Open, 2017 China Mountain Bike Open Tournament, 2017 Quanzhou Bay International Road Cycling Tournament, etc. In the upcoming 2018, Konosu once again helped the "2018 China Mountain Bike Race", "2018 National Beach Volleyball Grand Slam" and "2018 International Sand Paving Tour" and other high-profile events, highlighting the Konosu bicycle. The support of sports and the practice of environmental protection concept also expressed the determination of Fengde to strengthen and strengthen the excellent brand in the iteratively updated Chinese market.

For many years, I have cooperated with "Wine Tasting Home" to co-organize the "China Wine Blind Contest" because Fengde is deep and the wine has already surpassed the existence of simple drinks in Chinese and Western culture. The story of each wine is made. People are awe-inspiring, she is always synonymous with fashion and taste. Accurately judge the origin, variety, vintage and other elements of a wine, so that people who love wine and wine can more appreciate the fun of wine. Of course, such a wonderful experience needs to go to the society. Therefore, Fengde has toasted with real-time hot events again and again, sponsoring the “China Footwear Festival and Global Footwear Future International Summit” and the “6th International Wushu Competition” ( Xiamen) "2017 Hainan Province Top 100 Enterprises Conference" and other exciting activities.

Well-known exhibitions such as ι…’ι…’δΌš, TOPWINE, Vinexpo Hong Kong and so on are naturally indispensable to Fengde. With the good strength of its brand, Fengde has made a big splash at the exhibition, and the booth is full of people and has gained a lot. Not only that but for the wine and wine lovers to participate in the grand event, Fengde held high-end tastings of brand and star wines throughout the country. So far, Fengde has held more than 2,143 tastings in 286 cities across the country. The variety of tricks, wine and wine are all impressive.

Learning to use is a fine tradition of the Chinese, and professional wine learning has naturally become a key project of Fengde. Bringing together professional talents and adhering to professional attitudes, Fengde Wine Industry has become a WSET authorized training institution. WSET's full name: Wine & Sprite Education Trust, established in 1969, is dedicated to high-quality wine and spirits education. It is currently the world's largest provider of wine and spirits courses and is now a recognized and authoritative professional qualification in the wine industry in mainland China. Through professional knowledge training and certification, Fengde has a growing and high-level talent team, which lays a solid foundation for its sailing.

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