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Shenzhen Xia Sang Park liquor Ltd. Shenzhen Municipal Liquor Industry Association's governing units, the company from 1996 began working in the marketing of imported liquor, is China's first bartender's low operating company, has represented the domestic market 50 % of imported brands. In 2001, Xia Sangyuan began to engage in the import and marketing of foreign wines and accumulated rich experience in market development and customer training. 

With the rapid increase of economic income, the unprecedented richness of material life, and the permeation of Western culture year by year, the consumption of Chinese wine has increased substantially. However, the wines of all countries in the world often make domestic consumers dizzying. How to choose the right wine is the most common problem they often encounter.

Xia Sang Park of "professional, abundant, cheap" and "provide excellent quality of the wines to you" business philosophy, the selection of agents old and new world 11 countries and 50 wineries of 360 wines, its products cover almost world famous Wine region and wine variety. Most of Xia Sangyuan's wines come from high-quality, small-output private wineries, and more than 80% of the wines have high-ranking reviews from world-renowned wine critics. The wines here reflect the nobleness of Bordeaux, the elegance of Burgundy, the intensity of the Rhone Valley, the refreshment of the Loire Valley, the joy of champagne, the classics of Barolo, Italy, the enthusiasm of the Spanish Douro Valley, the Moselle of Germany. Delicate, sweet in the US and Australia, friendly in Chile and Argentina ... all of which can be easily found in the Summer Sangyuan Winery.

In order to enrich the product structure, in addition to wine, Xia Sangyuan will also represent some local wines with strong local characteristics, such as Mexican agave, Spanish Sydney, Portuguese porter, Scottish whiskey, Russian vodka, etc. In the future development, Xia Sangyuan will continue to enrich its wines, with the goal of selecting 1,000 products to serve domestic consumers worldwide. Xia Sangyuan also provides professional wines, such as crystal wine glasses, decanters, and wine thermostats, while importing imported wines. For the majority of wine lovers, Xia Sangyuan also regularly organizes wine knowledge training courses, wine appreciation and a variety of wine dinners.

In terms of service, Xia Sangyuan not only provides home delivery service but also has a foam box or other professional packaging for home delivery products; it also provides professional wine tasting reports or product background information to customers at any time. The company will give a gift to the members during the promotion period as a thank you. At the same time, Xia Sangyuan will continue to adhere to honest business and reasonable pricing, and the goal is to make Xia Sangyuan's pricing a reference price for the Chinese market, making Xia Sangyuan a trusted brand for consumers in China.

If you would like to know more about our company's product information or interested in becoming a member of Xia Sangyuan, please visit!

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