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Shanghai Famous Drink International Trading Co., Ltd. is a leading high-end beverage operator in China. The company is committed to the global high-end beer and wine brand agency and distribution in Greater China. Through years of hard work, Mingyin International has become the top enterprise in China's high-end imported beer sector.


Over the years, the company is committed to importing high quality and high-end beer of various styles in Germany and Belgium. Fort Worth Abbey 1050, Archbishop 1649, Adler Eagle, EKU and other top ten high-end beer are our exclusive distributors in the country.


At present, the company has quality wines from France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Australia, Chile and many other countries. In recent years, French tiers and famous villages: Lafang Luoqi, Philipusu, Ralphary, Latufeizhuo and the famous drink international signed a successful contract, authorized our company as a Chinese importer and agent, from the roots to ensure the high-end wine Quality and supply.


At the same time, Mingyin International also introduced high-quality products such as German original mineral water and Spanish original olive oil.

All imported products of the company are recruited agents from all over the country. We welcome partners with strength and sincerity to create value for consumers.

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