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 Founded in 1988, under the leadership of President Lin Jianguo, the Jima Group has developed from a single liquor business to a business-oriented industry involving manufacturing, scientific research, modern agriculture, real estate development, higher education, etc. "Business, trade," as one of the cross-industry, cross-regional large enterprises. The Group's existing wine, home, color printing, automobile city, commercial real estate, polytechnics, chain shopping and other more than 20 wholly-owned and holding economic entities are moving towards management standardization, industry diversification, marketing network, product brand The direction of specialization of talents and talents.

 After more than 20 years of steady development, it has become a leading enterprise in the field of circulation in China. And continue to expand the business philosophy of "operating famous brands, establishing famous brands, creating famous brands", giving full play to their own competitive advantages in brand, network, talent, capital, and management, and achieving the focus from the wine industry to the wine industry. The transformation of the direction of related industries; from the marketing-oriented to the road of manufacturing and marketing simultaneously; from the industrial management to the combination of industrial operations and capital operations, the transformation of the three major strategies. Push the company to a continuous and rapid development track. It has been selected as one of the top 100 Chinese growth companies for four consecutive years. It has been ranked as one of the “Top 100 Enterprises in Fujian” for six consecutive years. Mr. Lin Jianguo, the President, is the vice president of China Wine Distribution Association.

        In recent years, the Jima Group has made every effort to accelerate the development of various construction undertakings. Under the leadership of President Lin Jianguo, the Jigoma Group has been forward-thinking, determined and enterprising, and has done a good job in all aspects. The Group has built four major wine culture centers in Shanghai, Fujian, Chengdu and Beijing, and is committed to building the world's most dynamic and China's most authoritative wine culture circulation industry comprehensive platform, further promoting regional wine culture exchange, and finally achieving “brand”. The corporate development blueprint for Jima, Culture Jima, and Value Jima!

        Jima Group always adheres to the corporate philosophy of “from the society and dedication to the society”. It is constantly honing its strength in the fierce market competition and showing you the extraordinary charm of the company!

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