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Dxcel International Trading Company is a leading importer and distributor of premium and super-premium beverages across mainland China. We have an established and well-respected reputation in this field thanks to many successful years of looking after both our customers and our suppliers. With headquarters in Shanghai, we have national distribution coverage including sales force located in Beijing, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Chengdu, and Suzhou. As such, we have the infrastructure to deliver to the most dynamic markets in the country.

At Dxcel, we have a blend of Chinese and international colleagues, with industry-seasoned beer and spirit experts, energetic marketing executives, a logistics department vastly experienced in the local market, as well as an

internationally adept importation division. Our frontline consumer and supplier teams are bilingual and able to deliver the highest quality service across the country. This strong local knowledge and international experience ensure continued success for our brands.

As recognition of being a specialty importer and distributor of premium international brands has grown, so our portfolio has developed and matured in line with the market. Our range primarily contains imported lagers, ales, and stouts from (but not limited to) the USA, Great Britain, Spain, Canada, and Japan. These have all seen strong growth in recent years. Our spirits portfolio meanwhile includes super-premium, boutique and other quality brands perfectly suited to China's fast-developing cocktail culture. 

We also have a strong international premium juice and water range. As an established industry leader, we set the standards for the China market. While we do sell directly to many of our customers, for our wholesaler partners we also provide a ready-made portfolio of brands, which perfectly complement their existing catalogs. With our understanding of international and local drink trends, we have every confidence that our selection reflects Chinese consumer demands both of today and tomorrow.

Transparency and integrity are in everything we do. At Dxcel we are committed to making sure both are the foundation of our core values, allowing us to deliver better service with an open and integrated supply chain system. Service is first among those values, for both our customers and suppliers. We aim to make working with Dxcel as comfortable and enjoyable as possible, and it is through great service that we deliver on this endeavor.

Importing, marketing and distributing alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages across China is where Dxcel excels. If you would like to find out more, we are at your entire disposal to answer all your questions

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