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R and J Enterprises

Spirits Wholesaler

United States


We would like to enhance your Spirits and Drinks Portfolio with our Award Winning Products. R & J Enterprises is an exclusive US Based import, wholesale, and distribution company that showcases award winning craft Spirits and beverage line: ~ War Horn Whisky, ~ Revelations Single Malt Corn Whisky ~ Shiner's Gold 101 ~ Our “yummy” Apple Pie 'Shine; ~ Orchard Harvest non-alcohol Fixin's (Apple Pie, Georgia Peach, Blackberry Cobbler, Mango) ~ RICH Energy drink - Premium Mixer, Flavor that Shines thru; High Margin Points! A 2016 LA Spirits Competition Mixer favorite! ~ All our Spirits and Fixin's are highly mixable and amazingly delicious! Guests love ways to pair their old favorites with new. Our Spirits are enjoying success on the East Coast, and now debuted as the Spirit for the 2016 George Lopez Celebrity Golf Tournament here in Pacific Palisades, Ca. The celebrity appeal and resulting demand has been amazing. The publicity and press has reached 23Milion UVM. We'd love the opportunity to 'Shine with the you! ~~~~~~~~~~ In tribute to Mother Earth: You will find that our entire company, manufacturing processes, and products are in alignment with highest Sustainability and Greening efforts as our entire operation is 100% eco-friendly and leaves near-Zero Carbon footprint. It's the last we can do :) ~~~~~~~~~ RICH Energy Drink: Rich is an outstanding addition to the world of functional energy drinks – bringing a classy and chic cachet, as the name implies, Rich boasts a rich flavor profile that appeals to even the most discerning palate. It allows the taste of any premium liquor to shine. Rich is complimentary, not overpowering. Further, Rich tastes wonderful as a solo beverage. Rich is perfection in flavor. ~~~~~~~~~~ War Horn - Warm, mellow, and smooth on the tongue...everything your Whisky should be. ~~~~~~~~~~~~ Apple Pie Fixin, orchard pressed fruit Fixin's -- highly mixable, amazingly delicious! Mom's Apple Pie in a glass.... ~~~~~~~~~~~~ Apple Pie ‘Shine Our Virginia Sweetwater Apple Pie Moonshine is now available! It is made with our award winning mountain corn whisky mixed with Apple Pie Fixins’. You can taste the sweet apples and spices that are part of the Appalachia countryside. This is true, mountain made corn whiskey, enjoy it straight over ice or in your favorite mixed drink. This is true, mountain made corn whiskey, enjoy it straight over ice.

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