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Donato Select Vodka

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United States


Donato Select Vodka is made with the finest European grains, it has a pleasant light taste and palatable aroma. The secret to being the envy of the world amongst all craft vodkas is the natural “luxe class” ingredients. We use a unique blend of Winter Grains wheat, rye and barley to create the prefect balance of flavor that produces the bold flavor that sets it apart from other vodkas. Ukrainian vodka is regarded as the finest in the world, as no other region has the combination of fertile agricultural resources and pristine water. These factors combined with a centuries old tradition of craftsmen passing down their knowledge from generation to generation has made Ukrainian vodka the world standard. The area possesses a significant amount of rich fertile black soil known as “chornozem”, the amount of chornozem in fields represents roughly 30% of the world’s reserves. The favorable geographic location which places it in a temperate continental climate zone allows for the cultivation of the finest grains for growing vodka in the world, known as “winter grains”, so named for their unique characteristic of germinating in the fall. This type of grain is ideal to use in the distillation of Vodka, as it’s characteristics lend itself to a lighter body while maintaining its full complex flavor. Our specialist uses pristine mountain mineral water from the Carpathians Mountains . Our water has the perfect balance of physical and chemical properties for the distilling of vodka. For transparency and purity our technicians uses a unique 5 stage water purification system with state of the art filters that filters the water with the help of silicon and crystal rock. We use this method to simulate natural filtration processes, as to not introduce chemicals or other adulterants. In addition for a smooth finish we distilled our product 5x times. Donato Select Vodka is distilled in Hetman distillery in Lviv, Ukraine. The distillery employs 6 modern Italian technology lines. Hetman was founded in 1782, It is considered one of the oldest continuously operating distilleries in the world. For achievements in the production of the best distilled spirts in the world, the distillery obtained the title of “Royal Privileged Regional Factory”. Additionally since 1807 the distillery was given the prestigious honor to supply spirits to the royal courts in Europe. The Donato family invites you to try our vodka! This family owned business has worked tirelessly in order to provide the greatest craft vodka in the world. Through hard work and perseverance we have been able to create a value in DONATO SELECT VODKA that has novel to the United States market. Try it! See for yourself.

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Country: United States

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