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Don Loco Tequila

Spirits Wholesaler

United States


Don Loco Tequila 100% Kosher Blue Agave is grown in Jalisco, Mexico and distilled in the town of Tequila Mexico. Blanco, Don Loco Tequila Ultra Premium Blanco is crystal-clear, smoothest blanco tequila on the planet. It has a ultra clean taste yet a sweet and tranquilized aroma with a polished palate sensation that is prized by connoisseurs as a angelically elegant amalgamation of the finest chemistry known to man. Don Loco\'s elegant flavor and remarkable smoothness makes it the ultimate on the rocks or mix for any cocktail in the universe. Reposado, Don Loco Tequila Ultra Premium Reposado is made with the finest estate grown agave plants in the world. The tequila is "rested" for a minimum of four months in a mix of French and American oak barrels to further soften and smooth with out the harsh flavor components typically found in most Reposado tequilas. It retains an elegant agave taste, sweetened with the hints of vanilla and caramel imparted by the oak casks. Our Reposado has an exquisite, light-golden hue and is both smooth and well rounded on the palate providing an ideal finish. It makes an exceptional premium margarita, or one can enjoy its truly rich and complex flavors as they meld together on the rocks. Anejo, Don Loco Tequila Ultra Premium Anejo is made with the finest estate grown agave plants in the world. It is then aged in a mix of French and American oak barrels for a minimum of fourteen months, giving it a vibrant, rich-amber complexion. Subtle hints of vanilla, maple and almond blended perfectly together with an undeniable agave aroma. Don Loco\'s Anejo\'s elegant, long and slow finish is exceptionally smooth due to both our double distillation process and our 6 decade old proprietary family recipe. We recommend that you savor the Don Loco Anejo experience by enjoying its pleasures neat, in either a snifter or on the rocks in a whiskey glass. Especial Reserva, Serving as the crown jewel of Don Loco\'s Ultra Premium line­up, our Don Loco Tequila Especial Reserva tequila embodies the passion and excellence sought after by master distillers for centuries. Since the entire process and recipe of the Don Loco\'s Especial Reserva tequila is a company secret, tasting it is the only true way to understand the magnitude of this spirit. Don Loco\'s 100% Blue Agave is grown and distilled in Tequila, Mexico The "Don Loco Tequila" Trademark is associated with proprietary rights around goods associated with wines and spirits products. "Don Loco Tequila" is Trademarked and Registered.

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Country: United Kingdom

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