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Enjoy a taste of the good life with 2018's Rum of The Year! Doc Brown Really Bad Rums (Dark, Spiced & Silver), Oh rum cakes & BBQ sauce too.

There are currently three rum’s Dark, Spiced & Silver as well as a "Really Bad" rum cakes, infused with our own dark rum. We also have a Really Bad Drift Wood Smoked BBQ Sauce with a "rummy" flavor, and a ton of Really Bad merchandise to compliment the brand.


Doc Brown's Really Bad "Dark" Rum: This was not only Voted 2018 Rum of The Year but also awarded a Silver Award by the 2019 Bartender Spirits Awards with a score of 80. Doc's flagship dark aged rum at 80 proof, is an exquisitely smooth, handcrafted, artisan rum, perfect for sipping neat, or on the rocks as well as in mixed drinks. Masterfully blended, this rum has an exceptional flavor profile enhanced by distilling twice and aging in oak casks. Its velvety smooth taste, with rich aromas of muted oak and hints of vanilla, makes for a unique full-bodied rum. A smooth finish with spice and oak flavors will linger pleasantly, enriching the rich and flavorful experience for the mature palate.

Doc Brown's Really Bad "Spiced" Rum: Awarded a Bronze Award by the 2019 Bartender Spirits Awards. Branded "spiced" since that's just what it is! At 70 proof, Doc's spiced rum is infused with traditional classic spices giving this rum its golden hue. Doc's spiced recipe has a smooth, warm-bodied heat, with hints of vanilla and peppercorn that are harmonized with a touch of honey which warm the palate. Doc Brown’s Really Bad Spiced Rum is intensely satisfying on the rocks or is the perfect companion for your favorite tropical drinks and colas.

Doc Brown's Really Bad "Silver" Rum: The little sister of Doc's Really Bad rums, Silver took a Silver award by the 2019 Bartender Spirits Awards! It’s a very clean, light, dry-bodied old school classic spirit that was born to be what it is: just rum. Twice distilled and gluten free. Its moderate balance of heat delivers a premium, fresh, smooth, Caribbean cane flavor to cocktails, making this a perfect spirit for mixing. At 80 proof, and with a signature dry freshness, this handcrafted, artisan pure rum is very similar to a Vodka. Ideal for Bloody Mary's, Cape Coders and Martini’s. as well as rum punches, Tiki drinks, and elegant cocktails.

Try it Doc believes you will agree. Doc reminds you to: Live United - Drink Responsibly.

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