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Ira International, Importers & Distributors

Spirits Wholesaler

United States


We believe that there is an amazing amount of room for improvement in the services of alcohol distribution. In recent years, IRA INTERNATIONAL executives recognized the difficulty for new brands to enter the US market and therefore have made it our goal to pave the way in uncovering new opportunities and designing new solutions for the beverage alcohol industry. Our company is built on the principles of making the entryway in the alcohol industry a seamless and efficient process for both new and established brands. Our people are our most fundamental resource and by being customer and supplier-focused, we understand the needs and expectations of each. Our company is structured based upon our knowledge and years of experience in the alcohol industry and we have developed new and improved ways of building a brand from beginning to end and making sure each individual product receives the attention and dedication it needs in order to produce high sales volume all while ensuring the adherence to regulatory compliance. We are approaching the industry in a way that integrates our brands with the rapidly growing technology and progressive new standards of our time. We realize that there is a great need for a company in this industry that not only assists in the distribution process but also in the sales and marketing aspect of the brand without showing preference between brands. All of the brands that we represent will receive the same level of hard work and dedication. We are fully committed to making our company a leading force in the alcohol industry and providing our customers with service at the highest level.

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