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Our business idea is to market and sell alcoholic beverages of a Lapland and northern Swedish concept in relation to our ingredients (berries, fruits, spices and herbs) and the packing. We focus on building strong brands and having excellent customer relations. We are not managing the production ourself but intend to do so in the future. The recipes will mainly be influenced by northern Swedish commodities.

About ten years ago an idea was born to create a number of exclusive drinks with a new and unique concept of highest quality. The choice of Lapland was obvious, it is for a good reason known as "the last wilderness of Europe". Lapland is not only renown throughout the world but also one of the most beautiful places on earth. With a strive for perfection together with a strong vision and determined to create something exceptional we started to develop our drinks. In form of unique recipes, distinctive bottles and well thought out brands we have created something rare, a worldwide unique concept of highest quality!

Polarblend of Sweden- How to choose the right partners? In this phase of the development of our customer management we turn to those of Business to Business (B2B) who are looking for brands and products within beverages and who want to create a relationship and conduct a dialogue about distribution agreements for different markets. At this stage of development, we will create the incentives to establish an efficient distribution network and we also focus on meeting our customers in an authentic way with our product management and branding. Authenticity helps break into new markets How should companies build a good strategy for their customer service? Consumers shop differently on the internet today, therefore we need an effective digital strategy and therefore it is important to think about how to meet customers. It is crucial to focus on what you are good at and if you meet the technological development in the right way for the brand then you will significantly facilitate the sales model you have chosen. "In marketing and brand management we want mindshare, and heartshare, and now we also want to share spirits. Success in this industry is about preparation and discipline and the choice of bright people." Roger K. Olsson

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