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Bonasi Brand s.r.l. David - Luxury Gin Behind every masterpiece there is above all a great dream; A desire that inspired Michelangelo for David and likewise animated Bonasi Brand for David Luxury Gin. Of course, the world of big wines and liqueurs before the successful brand, Bonasi Brand has married the idea of ​​creating the most prestigious Italian Gin ever, offering full support to the talents of the best researchers and distillers across Italy. The creative inspirations of design packaging, starting with David's face, give rise to a whitewashed glass jewel bottle: a superb stylistic tribute to Michelangelo's master. The result of such passion is simply an unbeatable Gin, whose sublime taste boasts unparalleled clarity and lightness. Distilled from the clear Tuscan springs, Gin David is enriched with the bitterness of wine alcohol, the generosity of Iris's root and the richness of botanicals based on secretive herbs that assure an absolutely extraordinary end result. Botanicals and wine alcohol are distilled separately and then assembled into a single filtering station. In addition to the classic fossil flours and vegetable charcoals, fragments of Carrara's white marble with which Michelangelo sculpted David's eternal myth were added, giving Gin David extraordinary purity and shine.

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