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Royal Dragon Vodka

Spirits Wholesaler

Hong Kong


We would like to introduce to you Royal Dragon Vodka, a spectacular new vodka concept especially developed with a strong brand DNA to create the so-called ‘wow’ factor and a true experience. Royal Dragon Vodka is an ultra premium Russian Vodka in a unique ‘never been seen before’ luxury concept. Royal Dragon Vodka is the ultimate expression of Superior Vodka, a small batch Vodka exclusively distilled in Russia from the finest organic winter harvest rye. To achieve elemental softness and purity, our Vodka is five times distilled, using a century old copper pot still. Royal Dragon Vodka had its global launch on the 22nd March 2012 at the leading night Club of Hong Kong, Dragon-I. The launch party was very successful with the attendance of high quality media, celebrities, supermodels and fashion-TV. The brand is directly associated with luxury brands like McLaren and Chopard.

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Category: Wine Wholesaler
Country: Canada

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