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Sky Bay International Trading Co., Ltd.

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We are Chinese company Sky Bay International Trading Co., Ltd. from Dalian,created for the promotion and sale of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages in China market. Our company has all official licenses and permits for the import and sale the above products in China. Import of the high-quality products to China, the highest standards of service, friendliness, informative, personal approach - the company's mission. We work together and define resources for promising opportunities to attract professional staff cooperation We are trying to create an atmosphere of support and mutual trust Reliable team - we aim to realize the full potential of a huge staff, creating a single-minded team that allows Eurounico Shanghai Ltd. and Sky Bay International Trading Co., Ltd. achieve their goals. Following company policy, we cover a variety of consumer groups. Eurounico Shanghai Ltd. and Sky Bay International Trading Co., Ltd.collaborates with exporters of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages in the various countries, as well as with end customers in China. The main working principles of Sky Bay International Trading Co., Ltd. and Eurounico Shanghai Ltd. are: Individual and professional approach to business negotiations and relationship, implementation of export and import operations and transaction support. Openness for cooperation, Integrity, Amity. Obligation. We are open and are always glad to cooperate with new partners. Sky Bay International Trading Co., Ltd experienced management team, it s associates and wide array of affiliates are your strategist, sales & marketing and customer service representatives for China. Our focus on promotion, sales and branding generates revenue, posit ions your brand for paced growth, realizing your vision. Providing; Sales support Identifying opportunities Assistance in hiring qualified sales team members Trade Show and Promotion selection & supervision Import and Logistics Assistance Distributor Selection and Support Our team will assist with Importer and Distributor negotiations t o assure proper select ion, pricing and negotiate the state and provincial An experienced virtual sales and marketing staff delivering your message and focused on sales. Our company will provide full agency services, as needed, within the marketing budget you approve directed at your target market by those who know your brand and customer best. Marketing & Sales Services – various pricing • Research/Analysis • Strategy • Media Placement /Buying • Creative • TV • Video Product ion & Editing • Print • Mailers • Billboards • Radio • Online Marketing • Direct Mail • Pay per Click • Search Engine Optimization • Graphic Design • Web Development • Social Media • Campaign Development • Campaign Tracking Tools • Brand Identity • Product ion/Printing • Public Relations • Script Writing • Copy Writing

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