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Goldlok Vodka is a tantalizing, unfiltered expression of a smooth vodka. Goldlok’s creative ingenuity is welcomed by mixologists and cocktail enthusiasts alike. To create Goldlok Vodka, the passionate taste of sugarcane is distilled from the natural essence of the Amazon in Brazil. The finish is smooth from the double distilled process done in California to add a unique taste and smooth texture. Unfiltered to keep the delicious essential oils in the bottle, Goldlok Vodka is a surprisingly complex, yet approachable expression of an organic sugarcane spirit. Ingredients The base ingredient from Amazon Rainforest is Sugarcane, and this vodka is classified as a clear vodka. USDA Certified organic Brazilian sugarcane vodka. Certified organic without the use of GMO yeasts, chemical additives or synthetic defoaming agents.The evolution of Brazilian distilled spirits. Double distilled Goldlok Vodka is the result of intense processes and equipment, aiming to obtain a noble product of a high quality, from sugarcane. The smooth, soft, pure and crystalline product obtained satisfies the most demanding of palates. The smoothness of the aroma makes it excellent for drinks and cocktails, by harmonizing aromas and flavors of the ingredients. The Unfiltered Truth Goldlok Vodka uses sugarcane, herbs and other botanicals to get the genuine taste that you experience in this premium vodka. With Goldlok Vodka they go a step further by keeping the delightful organic sugarcane in the spirit, rather than filter it out. Goldlok’s business philosophy includes seeking out eco-friendly choices in all parts of the business. Just a few green examples include using FSC certified and carbon neutral face labels, fair farm trading for sugarcane, and designing a bottle that is stylish enough to be reused.

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