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When premier spirit label, NASC International, launched in Australia in 2006, a new direction in Australia’s beverage industry was forged; one that would reverberate throughout the rest of the world and shape the trajectory of the Australian spirits market. A relative newcomer to the world of luxury alcohol, whose ethos is to ignite a passion for unique and exquisite spirits direct from Australia, NASC International’s portfolio consists of Blue Harbour Spirits and Wild Wombat Spirits. These two distinctive labels pay respect to quintessential Australian luxury while ensuring the artistry, tradition and craftsmanship of premium spirits are preserved. With Headquarters in Hong Kong, a sales division in Switzerland, and production in Australia, this truly universal company has catapulted its luxury brands to the international stage, with shareholders located across all sides of the globe, from the Netherlands to the United States, to Asia Pacific. The NASC International collection evokes a strong Australian essence, its brand irrevocably intertwining with the stunning island nation that has captured the hearts and imaginations of millions around the world. Renowned for its natural beauty, stunning beaches, rugged outback and cosmopolitan cities, the Blue Harbour and Wild Wombat Collections both reflect and embody the Australian identity.

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