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Raf - Ojakh LLC

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Style and psychology of the company is to present the buyer really valuable and pure high quality products, to become the leader and to meet all international standards, to be honest and conscientious. Armenian vodka “Barrel” and “Petrol”

Our company is from Yerevan, Armenia. We are manufacturing Premium Vodka of wheat spirit with the volume of 40 %, Armenian Brandy, Cognac and Fruit Wine. The manufacturing is done according to the international standards with 100 % natural ingredients.

Vodka according to Armenian rules: There is a immense choice of vodkas today. Hundreds of bottles are on the sowrooms, just figure out what to choose. What are the features of vodka products of “Raf-Ojakh”, how they differ,what we are used to, and why? Spirit for vodka is prepared by the method of triple distillation of grain. Armenia has ideal conditions for growing grain of the required quality. Some experts note that alcohol is so purified that it even makes you bored. For additional filtration of undesirable fusel oils and foreign aromas, silver filtration technology is used. Despite the fact that volume of alcohol in vodka is 40 %, it is very easy to drink. It has unique aftertaste.  Our tasters note the presence of sweet notes. 

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