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The Origin: Moscow Mauler a Ultra Premium Vodka. It is made with First Grade Premium winter wheat and pure freshwater and is distilled Nine times and five-times filtered. Moscow Mauler Vodka came into the market in 2018 and has received recognition in the vodka community as a very high-quality affordable vodka, winning multiple awards from the Spirits Beverage Competition. It has been named a Fast Track Growth Brand by the MM Spirits Group and has been recently named a 2019 IMPACT Hot Brand. In addition to its original vodka, Moscow Mauler offers a variety of flavored vodkas and Real XO 35 Years Special Aged Cognac. Product of Cognac, France.

Our Mission: The Creator of “Moscow Mauler” Brand is Vladimir Kozlov a wrestler known in the ring as the “Moscow Mauler”. A hulking 6 foot 8 inch 300 pound man who was aggressive and dangerous in and outside the ring. He punished opponents with his vicious and emotionless style. He was a brutal and no-nonsense wrestler in the ring. As expected he was quite successful in his chosen profession. He was named Breakout Super-Star of the year and was a US Open Heavyweight Sambo and WWE Champion. Moscow Mauler is more than just a Vodka, it's a movement that has committed to working with communities and to help aspiring athletes reach their potential. Our mission is to continue the legacy and to turn what once was a dream into a reality. Moscow Maulers Spirits has committed to sponsor and support athletes from Wrestlers, Boxing, Football, Baseball, and MMA. Our mission to inspire and bring positive attitude to the community. Through this movement, we strongly believe that we can offer a new opportunity to those who need it the most. Not everyone is given the opportunity, but everyone should be given a chance, Moscow Mauler Spirits will donate a portion of its proceeds to the cause. PUT GOD FIRST.

Whats Next: Moscow Mauler Spirits is currently working on a worldwide project which will feature a Very Limited Edition Cognac. Imported and bottled in France, This 35-year-old XO Cognac will be presented in a very limited collectible box, and a Crystal Decanter with 4 hands crafted glass, which will be engraved in gold and copper. This Collectible set will be unique and very special. Moscow Mauler Cognac is scheduled to launch in late 2021. Also is on the way Limited Edition Vodka Gift Set with Action Figures and verity of Sparkling wine.

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